Thursday, December 6, 2007

Film, you remember that stuff?

So earlier today i decided to hook up my el-cheapo film scanner and look through some old binders of negatives i had from back in high school. It was kind of fun looking back to my early days of shooting.

The best part was finding an image i actually liked. The image below is of my friend Steve-o riding the old Elks Lodge pool before it got filled in. It's one of a few that i found digging through thousands of old negatives.

Since my website launched last weekend, i've gotten dozens of emails from aspiring photographers asking me to look over their work and give my opinion and advice. Looking over my old negatives tonight helped me realize that they are no different then i was back in high school, in fact some of them are better.

So i guess my advice to them and others is just keep shooting, and be passionate. I know that i wouldn't be where i am if i didn't have the desire to keep shooting.


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