Sunday, December 30, 2007

From Above

Although no longer an uncommon image to see from professional sports photographers, shooting from above is still unique and fun image to get.

During Saturday's T-Mobile invitational at the PIT here in Albuquerque i made my way up to the ceiling. I made a few images to show what it is like trying to navigate through the maze of metal and lights, and a few images i shot from above.

After climbing up the ladder and stairs you come to this narrow pathway

At the end of the pathway you make your way out on to the area above the court. At this point your walking completely on the ceiling of the PIT.

At the set of lights that sits directly over the basket, there is a makeshift pad to help make it just a tad bit more comfortable.

My view through the lights down onto the court

Although neither of the two above images are phenomenal they give you an idea of what type of image is made from above

and finally me taking a break from getting lost in the maze


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Michael Chansley said...

Wow! I would get lost too! Crazy!