Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rome, Italy

Rome during the summer is essential a city of tourists, which although I too was a tourist, it's not fun being around so many others. It's hard to be inspired to take photos when everyone and their mother is running around with their cameras. So, with that being said here are a few images from Rome.

Rome was our last stop on our trip before we headed back to Spain for a day and then back to Albuquerque. It truly was a trip to remember and I hope you enjoyed looking at some of my favorites from the trip.



Ed Salter said...

Loving some of those, good to see an American enjoying Europe

Guy Rhodes said...

Hey Sam,

Great stuff from your Europe trip, I really enjoyed the images. I see you're getting into film lighting now as well??

Sam Adams said...


Thanks for taking a look.

And Guy,

Yep, I am going to try and get my foot in the door in doing some film lighting a bit. The post was my first time trying film lighting, and I think I did alright, but I need some serious practice.