Tuesday, September 9, 2008


A few weeks ago Senator Obama came and spoke at a local high school here in Albuquerque. I've only photographed one other political rally before this one, and that was Senator Clinton during her run for the democratic nomination.

Senator Obama's rally was much like Clinton's in its location, a high school, and it's layout of photo positions. I was lucky however to get to one photo position that I was not able to shoot during Clinton, and that's the position right in front of the candidate on the floor.

You can see from the image above the view from the side photo position as well as the photographers in the front area in front of Obama. During Hillary Clinton's rally this area was, for the most part, only for pool and traveling photographers, such as those from Getty, AP, AFP, and Rueters.

During Obama's rally, the pool and traveling press were allowed in there first, then we swapt places as they came out, one by one. I decided when I went in there to bring a 300mm with me right up front. Obama is a very heavily photographed person, so making images that are unique to him is very difficult. So, I thought by bringing in a 300mm to shoot super tight might be a nice way to make some images that no one else got during the rally.

The above image is one shot with a 300mm right up front, and I think it gives a nice up close and tight image that is some what unique. However, my favorite image from the rally is probably the one below.

To see more images from Obama check out my images on Aurora photos.


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