Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Project 1

When you look deeply into any commercial photography these days, you'll realize that many of the images represented today, are composites, combining 2 or more images together to achieve a more pleasing image, weather that goal is to sell a product, convey a message, or to just make the image more aesthetically pleasing.

For a good idea of this visit: www.joemorahan.com .

He uses composites in some of his images to combine sunning landscapes with athletes in action. I wanted to use this technique on something I am a little more familiar with, which is BMX bicycling. By using a couple of different images, and paying attention to lighting characteristics of the photos, I combined the two together to create an image, that not only never happened, but is an image of a trick that would be so crazy that, I hope, it would never be attempted.

Below are the two images I used to create the composite image:

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