Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nate Richter on the Bridge

Last night Nate Richter and myself shot some portrait type stuff for a bike check for FBM. I wasn't exactly stoked on shooting it that night, perhaps because it was right around 32 degrees outside with a breeze. Nate still wanted to wear his iDAS t-shirt so he decided to man it out for a few minutes. Me on the other hand am wearing multiple layers and a winter jacket.

Canon 1d MKIIn w/ 85mm 1.8, lit with two Alien Bee lights. One AB800 behind Nate at 1/4 power and an AB1600 in front with a medium softbox at 1/4 power.

Canon 1dMKIIn with 16-35mm lens, lit with one AB 1600 at 1/4 power through a medium softbox.

The image with the car lights is a two image composite. I feel as though it was kind of a shotty attempt at it. Nate was photographed at this location, however after we photographed him there, I had him step out of the frame and shot a 30 second exposure to get the car trails in the background. This allowed me to use two totally different exposures for one image. This is not a technique i use very often, but it is a handy one to know.



Anonymous said...

i would like to know how to do that. bri

Sam Adams said...


Feel free to email me at samadamsphotography[at] and i'll be more then happy to give you a move in depth idea of how to accomplish this for your needs.