Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some times, it doesn't happen

Some times, it doesn't happen. Saturday was one of those days.Mario disappointed just a foot away from going up the whole rail

Mario tried going up this rail dozens of times, and came super close several times. He would grind up perfectly and then just stop just before the end. However, while waiting for him to try i noticed some nice light and shadow stuff so i shot a decent frame of that.

Shadow play in between Mario's up rail attempts

Despite not being able to make a good riding image, the best part of shooting BMX for me is getting to hang out with your friends. So regardless of weather or not i make any images, any day shooting BMX is almost always a good one.

Mario and Chris


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Michael Chansley said...

Wow! Almost up an entire rail?? That's pretty impressive! I like your high-key images.