Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So last week i shot some images in downtown Albuquerque with my model Sydney and I thought I would post a few up. When it comes to lighting on all of these it is super simple, one light. I've added a picture at the bottom of the lighting set up i used for the shoot.

One of the things you'll notice through out the whole shoot is that she is wearing almost the exact same outfit. Sometimes, I like doing outfit changes, however, sometimes when the outfit is just working with the model in a way i like I'll just stick with it. This was certainly the case for this shoot. I wasn't working on making a variety of image, more or less, a few nice clean images, so an outfit change wasn't necessary.

Okay, so above is the general lighting set up for the whole shoot. It is an Alien Bee 1600 head powered by a vagabond battery pack (which by the way is great for holding down the light in the wind). On the AB i have a photoflex medium softbox with a grid on the front to help me control the light spread.



D said...

I just recently started checking out your blog. Good stuff. Your last two posts are not helping convince myself that I can wait to by an AB setup.

Sam Adams said...


Thanks for the comments and looking. As for AB's I can say nothing but great things about the lights and the company.

Afton said...

Dang Sam, your killin' me with your lighting. Your amazingly natural. Keep doing this great work. You rock.