Thursday, March 6, 2008

So Zombie's huh?

So this week a friend and I decided to shoot some zombie-type photos in an alley in downtown Albuquerque. Sure it's a little bit outside the genre that I usually shoot, but it was fun and made for some interesting images. It's nice shooting something that your not used to, it forces you to light an image in a way you wouldn't normally, it gets those gears up top turning and makes you think more about what your doing.

Anyways, below are some images from the night as well as some set up shots with some descriptions of the equipment i used.

Okay, now time for some technical info. All the images above are shot with one Alien Bee 800 light with a medium softbox with a full CTO gel inside and a grid on the front. I used the CTO gel to give it a warmer look and to help the florescent lights in the background go a nicer green.
Also, if you notice, the softbox is generally raised pretty high so to cast some dark shadows around her eyes and to give it the look that is is being lit by a street light.

You can see from this shot, it wasn't a very elaboratly lit shot, just one light in an alley.

Although none of the shots from this angle came out you can see the vagabond battery pack that is powering my light as well as the grid on front better.

Anyways, hope that helped a bit and you can get an idea for what i am doing.


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Afton said...

I love how you can take such a simple lighting setup, and make the images pop. Magical.