Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hola de España

So it´s been a busy week and half so far. We´ve spent most of our time in southern Spain so far. More specifically in the city of Granada. We leave tomorrow for Barcelona for 5 days then it´s up to Paris for a few days and so on after that.

It´s been a great experience so far. It´s nice seeing how other parts of the world live and work, as well as to hear some opinions on world events from outside the US. Probably the biggest problem we´ve ran into so far is the language barrier. It´s not so much a probablem here in Spain, because we had two people who are fluent with us, and I know a tad bit of Spanish. However, none of us know French, German, or Italian, so that could make things interesting. It´s a weird feeling talking and knowing people around you have no idea what you´re saying.
So anyways, since it´s our last day here in Granada, we went to the Alahambra Palace, which was pretty incredible in terms of it´s history and views of the city. So, here are some untoned jpgs from the Alahambra today.

(From L-R: Me, Dorian, and Audrey at the Alahambra)

So, I´ll try and write again before we leave from Barcelona.


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