Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Project 2 - Fabrication

I've long been fascinated with the fabricated landscapes in photoshop that show a distant planet, or nearby stars and galaxies just outside our atmosphere. It gives such a surreal effect bringing the beauty of the galaxy to the earth's evening view. So, for my fabrication project I chose to use some of my landscapes that I had already shot, and added a few neighbors to the evenings sky.

I studied a number of images that I liked that gave the look I wanted to achieve. You can see a good sample of some of the images in this google images search. Below are some of the images I used to create the sky background. In photoshop I tried to find pictures with late evening skies so that when I used the "screen" blend mode for the layers they came through nicely. The brighter the sky, the harder this was to achieve. Once I changed the blend mode to "screen" I used levels to bring in the blacks to help the layer of the planets or stars blend in seamlessly with the background images.

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